The Most Carbon-Neutral Cakes in Edinburgh

One of the things I love about Love Pure Cakes is being a teensy bit smug.

Not just proud of the great taste and artistry that goes into each cake, but the sheer pleasure of being uber careful about our carbon footprint.

The rhubarb cakes, for example, have a lovely bio-history of fresh wholesomeness and a natural, carbon-friendly life.

A couple of months ago, I went to Earthy, the lovely local company that "works hard to find the tastiest produce we can; and thinking of ways we can help preserve this planet we call home" to buy a rhubarb plant. 

I took it home, planted it, watered it, watched it grow, harvested it, made the cakes and delivered it back to Earthy six months later.  The only other environmental impact would be the customer picking it up and taking it home.

Why Its Important To Be Carbon Neutral
It's all about the planet, innit!

Global warming is a serious issue that will affect generations to come. We all need to do our bit to clean up our act.  And of course, it can also save you money, as an individual or a company.

In fact, the Carbon Trust runs regular webinars on cutting your energy bills by 20%.  They also have loads of tips and hints on how everyone can play their part in protecting the planet, including:

4. Eat wisely

Buy organic and locally grown foods. Avoid processed items. Grow some of your own food. And eat low on the food chain — at least one meat-free meal a day — since 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production. Leading food writer, Michael Pollan sums it up best:
"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
How Green Is Love Pure Cakes, Really?
At Love Pure Cakes, wherever possible, we aim to

  • Purchase many of our materials and equipment from certified procurers of green materials and products
  • Use low-emissions lighting and equipment
  • Use toxic-free chemicals in cleaners and floor treatments
  • Produce an Envionmental Policy which is regularly monitored and evaluated to seek out and find new ways of helping the planet

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Food Outlets in Edinburgh
  1. Earthy Food Market - local, seasonal and organic fruit, bread, meat and of course, Love Pure Cakes
  2. Compass - in the High St for food and drink
  3. Slow Food Edinburgh - regular eating sessions for members and a wonderful list of slow food shops and restaurants
  4. Realfoods - in Broughton St and Brougham St for all things environmental, organic and Fairtrade
  5. Edinburgh Community Food - making sure everyone in Edinburgh has access to a healthy diet
  6. Edinburgh Farmer's Market - every Saturday in Castle Terrace from 9am till 2pm
  7. Artisan Roast - fairtrade cafe and roastery in Broughton St
  8. Elfalafel - Arabic food dishes in Bristo Place
  9. Crombies of Edinburgh - top butchers in the city
  10. Grow Wild - organic produce delivered to your home or office
Have I missed any out?  Do let me know if there are any food outlets that are either organic, carbon neutral, eco-friendly or a combination of all of the above.

Cake Lovingly Yours, 

Lorna x
*Edinburgh eco-friendly list courtesy of The Carbon Trust


  1. Wow, all these lovely new places and some old familiar names too. Looking forward to coming over and visiting some soon!

  2. Lot's of carbon neutral and exciting places here Susan - get on the Emirates Bird soon x

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