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Gluten Free Seaweed Breadcrumb Mix
Love Pure Cakes has created a Gluten Free Seaweed Breadcrumb mix for George Campbell & Sons in Perth. It's an incredibly flexible 'crumb' with the choice of fine or coarse ground, depending on your dish.

Haddock coated with fine crumb
Mussels topped with coarse crumb
With health, flavours and originality in mind, we added a twist to the traditional ‘breadcrumb’ by adding Carrageen seaweed which is a rich source of iodine and calcium, contains the vitamin carotene and is an extract from red seaweed. And Lentils which are a high source of protein, a source of mineral B vitamin, iron and magnesium and virtually no fat.

Freshly hand mixed in Scotland with no additives or preservatives, the mix is Low fat food, low saturates food, naturally gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Introductory price: 250g - £2.50, 500g - £4.65. Once opened, store in an airtight container is recommended to prolong its freshness, this prevents possible cross contamination whilst being stored.

Ingredients:  Lentils, Corn, Carrageen seaweed, Chilli flakes, raw cane sugar, white pepper (please see label for more details).
Carrageen Seaweed

If you'd like to dress your fish with a new crumb then get in touch with Karen or Sheenagh on 01738 638454.

In the meantime, happy fish-dishing.



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