Day #1 Cake Diet

It would've been churlish of me to have experienced this cake-only diet on my own.  Enter Gordon Dow, Scotland's captain of networking through his esteemed company The Power Lunch Club,  Loving cake and food alike, he was delighted to join me in a week of Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Organic, Free Range and Super-Foods of pure cakes.

This is what he had to say...

Power Lunch Clubposted toLove Pure Cakes
Day 1 of my Healthy Eating week with Love Pure Cakes started off with a complete surprise. Very little cake!

When I met Lorna to be given my first delivery of food for the day’ I had expected a box full of healthy cakes to munch my way through. A simple enough task I thought, especially as I am sure they all would go well with a nice coffee. However I was hit by a very pleasant surprise. A range of delightful looking meals, all dairy and sugar free, but loaded with colour and what I was soon to find out real taste.

It began with a large Granola bar, which included in it hemp seeds. If like me, you had expectations of something dry and flavourless, then you too had the wrong idea. Lorna’s was full of moist fruits, crunchy granola for texture and hemp seeds for added flavour. Each chew seemed to release more and more that flavour, which you just wanted to savour time after time. Heck, this was only breakfast.

Lunch was described as ‘carrot muffins, with wheat grass, served with a pea puree’. This was the wrong description in my opinion, for what I experienced was sheer heaven. I was expecting something a kin to carrot cake,…what I wasn’t expecting was to have my taste buds set dancing to these delicious soft, juicy and slightly aromatic tones. Like the muffins, the pea puree went beyond my ‘blizted garden peas’ idea. What I had as an accompaniment was, yes full of pea flavour, but added to this delightful puree with a hint of garlic and herbs, to lift this puree to a class of its own. I have today insisted Lorna gives me this puree every day. It is a item which easily could be bottled and sold as a luxury product…fantastic.

After lunch, for my afternoon treat, I was given a little individual Banana & Walnut, with zesty topping. This little delight contained No eggs or No dairy, but somehow the magic the Lorna creates here for these cakes took you to another level. Sweet banana’s and subtle crunch of walnuts bits make you want sit there and watch the world go by as your taste buds are entertained.
Finally dinner, described as carrot, nut, pepper loaf, made with no added far or sugar. Which had to be bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. I always said that I could never give up meat. Well even the smell of what was coming out of the oven was making my mouth water. I served it with a little light salad, and as soon as taken my first bite, I was converted. It had as I had come to expect, load of flavours, aroma’s from the sweet red peppers, a delicious crunch from the carrots, enhanced from being in the oven. I had to chew slowly, (always good to do anyway) just to make sure I didn’t miss a thing on my tongue.

Every single mouthful of food on my first day was a complete joy, but the whole point of what I had started out what to eat healthy this week. Lorna’s has done just that for me, but the number one thing she focus on was making sure that everything tasted fantastic and she did just that. She is creating a menu for people that make it so easy to enjoy eating healthy food. I cannot wait for day 2, and oh my goodness, I have a whole week of this…YES!!

Gordon Dow
A big thank you Gordon for your words of gratitude and poetry for every mouthful tantalising your taste buds with surprise and enjoyment
DAY 2 coming up..
Bon appetit cake lovers
Lorna x 

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