Biodynamic Carrot Cake

One of the things that inventing and creating cakes has taught me is Patience!  My norm is to 'act' quickly and get things done.  However, as I develop my art of cake making, I have found a newly developed patience in the realisation that you can't just turn up the oven and make cakes bake to perfection, it takes time and attention at all stages of creating and baking.

Taking things further, I decided this year to turn my belief of biodynamic growing into my cakes to create a biodynamic carrot cake.  Now that takes time!  I bought the seeds from and planted on the 8th of March aka Maria Thun's calendar in readiness for with thanks to the invitation Pete from to join him and his crew.

Growing from seed takes time, attention and nurture and I was a little concerned that they may not grow in time.  It turns out that by the time the event was nigh, I only had enough carrot for one muffin. A call to & was made and a sack of biodynamic carrots were delivered to the kitchen to start preparations.

Talk about patience? The whole process to make a batch of BD carrot cake took me 4 months!!
Biodynamic Carrot Cake
The event was a great success, driven by creativity and great tasting cake topped with the superfood Goji Berry. Not to mention the loving support from my family & friends who turned out to help purvey the cake wares.

The Love Cake Sales Force
Above and beyond learning patience in the field of cake, I know that having the support of friends and family makes having a quality cake company possible.

With deep gratitude.


Cake Enthusiast!

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