Cake Inventing

Here at Love Pure Cakes, we love to share our passion for cakes. We offer an extremely healthy range of cakes which are made daily from base ingredients using an abundance of fresh produce and an outrageous attitude to baking.  We take our cakes personally, we love preparing them as well as indulging in them and chatting about it endlessly.  It’s a way of life somewhere between a healthy obsession and a bad habit we can’t kick!

This fixation pushes us to experiment, to invent, and to look at what we prepare from extraordinary angles. Our mission is to make the cakes even tastier, more sensual and vibrant.  Drawing on an abundance of culinary traditions we strive to surprise and stir your taste buds using bold flavours and daring presentations with no apologies.

We are ready for the next cake challenge from you!  We are holding a competition via facebook for The Most Inventive Cake.  All we ask is for you to create a new cake for us to bake, we will experiment with any ingredient and concoction that you suggest. The creator of the best cake idea will win the baked product!!

Some previous ideas..  
Chocolate & Algae

Polenta & SeaweedPolenta & Seaweed

Let your creative juices flow and put us to the test of balancing flavours and textures in the cake.

As always, we’re only too happy to spread the love of cake!

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Lorna Pellet
Cake Enthusiast!

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