Day #2 Cake Diet

Some loving insights and delights from Gordon - with thanks x

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Day 2 of my Healthy Eating week with Love Pure Cakes, again with a menu I wouldn’t have ever thought about, but I am experiencing the wow factor. But then again, the menu before for my daily routine are what gave me bad habits in the first place.

Following on from day 1 I knew that whatever was coming my way from Lorna was going to be absolutely fabulous, and I was even more delighted and surprised at what she had concocted.

Breakfast was a granola bar, loaded with lemon and spirulina (Yes, I have no idea what it is either, but it good for you and tastes amazing in these breakfast bars) now when you consider this bar was about 60g, it?s bigger than a normal 30g bowl of cereal, but you are not left feeling overfilled, and not to sound slightly cliche, you just don't feel hungry again till lunch time. And what a lunch!!

Lunch was 4 Courgette Muffins, with a spinach puree and bee pollen topped with wheat grass (visit her blog and see just what inside these little pieces of sheer hedonistic pleasure)!! These are real fresh foods with incredible flavours in them. Nothing processed or chemically tasting here. I know that’s its meant to be healthy and good for you, but I felt I was experiencing 5 star cuisine with these. Stop Lorna in the street when you see her and get a big order in for them!!

Dinner, was Carrot & Macadamia Nut Roast, again placed in the oven for 20 minutes or so to give a nice crunch feeling and you realise just what you have been missing all your life. Tears are in my eyes as I write this, it was truly gorgeous.

My treat of an apple and plum crumble cake, has to been eating slowly and in sheer peace and quiet as it entertains like a sweet thing ought to!
Apple & Plum Crumble
Now as I eluded to you yesterday and today the tastes, aroma and flavours that Lorna has created on this diet are truly amazing and bringing to life my taste buds and making me enjoy being on the diet. I wish I had tasted great food like this 10 years ago!!

Of course the focus of any diet is to get good results for our bodies and even after two days there have been some noticeable changes. The diet has been professionally designed with Lorna and a nutritionist to be both cleansing, healthy and balanced in term of giving you essential minerals, vitamins and the necessary energy to get you through the day. I was also told I could add whatever fruit or vegetable I wanted to it. Apart from a little salad, I have been very full up on this. The sheer goodness and quality of it all, makes you eat slower, chew more and of course that’s all great for your digestion systems. I am feeling great on the inside (you don’t need to know the ‘natural’ results of being on good diet, gentle reader).

I have just weighed myself and in two days have lost 4lbs!! (That will stabilise and be normal quite soon and come off at a sensible 1-2 lbs a week as my body adjusts to this new diet). But hey, my shirts feel a little looser, so all for the good. 

Jumped out of bed with increased energy. I set my alarm for 6 am every morning, but in the past it has always been a struggle, but whoosh!! Why? Because the only major change has been the diet, everything else is normal. 

I have also been suffering from dry skin for a number of month and despite doctors best efforts hasn’t really cleared up. But again, even with two days of clean eating Lorna’s great food and drinking plenty of water, my skin is getting better.

Later today I meet Lorna for my 3 installment of the Love Pure Cakes healthy eating week. I am salivating at the prospect!

Congratulations in losing 4lbs Gordon, fantastic news, especially since you've done this through cakes!
Healthy cakes are truly good for the soul.
Lorna x

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