Love Pure Cakes

Hi and welcome to our first blog!

The market of food has changed so much in the past decade with people wanting a better choice to suit their palette, preferences and dietary needs with things like:
  • Bread without wheat
  • Coffee without caffeine
  • Cakes without gluten
  • Milk without lactose
  • Organic, fair trade and all with a social conscience!
We bring to you a range of healthy indulgences with a selection of cakes with health enhancing products such as algae (richest source of beta carotene), seaweed (a super food) and wheat grass (antioxidant).

We take our cakes personally, we love preparing them as well as indulging in them, gorging on them and chatting about it endlessly.  It is a way of life somewhere between a healthy obsession and a bad habit we can’t kick

This fixation pushes us to experiment and invent to look at what we prepare from extraordinary angles and try to make it even tastier, more sensual and vibrant.  Drawing on an abundance of culinary traditions we strive to surprise and stir your taste buds using bold flavours and daring colours with no apologies.


Lorna Pellet


  1. Sounds yummy! Will be over week after next to sample some :-)

  2. Samples will be ready for you when you cross the pond.

  3. Lorna very kindly provided some amazing cakes for me to taste. The gluten free polenta seaweed and lemon drizzle cake was a slice of heaven - I'd be happy to eat a bucketful of the icing!
    I had to wrestle the wheat free vegan chocolate & algae cake from my other half, who was busy demolishing it with a huge grin on his face. Utterly delicious.

    I can't believe that cake tasting this good is this good is made with such healthy ingredients - it doesn't taste remotely "gluten free". Complete bonus that it's cake and it's good for you too. It's just lovely to have such a treat to eat, as it can be a boring old world when you have to be wheat and dairy free. Brilliant to have something delicious to munch on, for a change. Have already been spreading the good news.............