Burnt Fingers

So, Stephane, French Patisserie chef came round to work on a new creation..... the recipe was part French and part a recipe from Sally's cook book (thanks S&A).  The heat was on in the kitchen with Mssr Stephane refusing to put a cream cheese frosting on said cake!

Ever tried to negotiate with a French man?

So having burnt my fingers trying to test the readiness of the boiling syrup....the Italian meringue was ready.

Firstly it might have helped if we'd stuck to the recipe and timed the cake rather than going off brand and making espresso.....  It was too sweet - and that's saying something for a cake-ist!

Put it this way, my son asked if he had to have a second portion and give his feedback.

Back to the marble ....


  1. Sounds like learning to me....! Do you have 'L' plates????!!!

    What were you hoping to create?

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Hoping to create a fusion cake L'Alliance type of thing. Clearly it was more like an oil and water concoction.

    Cheers to experimenting new recipes and ideas to get the taste buds going.