Boy do I have some serious bling.... it goes by the name of the first company vehicle - the Berlingo!  Just in time for my first order - thanks EIFA!  Apparently they were devoured so great success for the first of many orders.  The feedback was about 'loving the cakes', it's funny how when you make things with love then it resonates and is 'tasted' and felt.  The essence of the business is about super creativity and loving doing what you do.

I'm still experimenting on the polenta and seaweed cake... I've tried and tested and re-tried this invention using extraordinary angles but I've not reached perfection.  The creativity flows on to create this original cake.  If anyone has attempted a similar mix of ingredients then I'd love to hear your tips.

Now that the boys are back and it's holiday time, we're about to go into filming to capture the essence of Love Pure Cakes.  I told Ayrton that he'd be being interviewed... he asked what questions would be asked, I said possibly "what do you think about your Mother starting the guilt free cake business" and he answered - "I hope she doesn't poison me" - ha ha Ayrton, clearly my biggest critic!!!  Wait until my Mother comments...

Ok, the oven has reached temperature so polenta here we go again...

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