Bringing in the New Year with Fi Fi et al was an absolute delight. 2011 is here with all good intentions of being healthy, exercising more and eating better food. Well, the LPC range is developing into a sumptuous range of vegan, gluten free, sugar reduced, carb reduced, dairy free so you can enjoy a healthy 2011 with any of the range depending on your peccadillo and preferences.

Carlien and I had a bake-off on Monday and created the skinny Carrot Cake which was enjoyed by Sean and Ryan at TEBA, Victor at Centotre, Melanie and amongst my neighbours, not to mention the boys and Possum.

I've had a couple of trial runs which have been great, thanks for all the feedback folks. Now it's time to step up to the market and bring my thoughts, ideas and super creativity to the fore in the vein of gluten and guilt free cakes....... And I finally perfected the Polenta and Seaweed Cake - thanks to the helping hands of Mother - thanks Mum - as always!

It's a new journey, a new adventure and something that I totally believe in...... which is first, important and second, essential ingredients for LPC's vitality!

So, now that the healthy food need has been met, I decided to go on a charm offensive with the body, organising an ESBC 'introduction to boxing'... pain is my new friend! I can feel a new strap line coming on with the photo shoot in the ring saying 'box of cakes?!'.

The launch in nigh and planned for the 14th of February (so on brand) with our orders going into the very prestigious and hugely enjoyed Loopy Lorna's (no, not me). Thanks Gaynor, and I look forward to working with you in exceeding customer delight.

I'll keep you posted.


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