First Edition!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on the concept of Free-From for some time and I want to thank those who have tasted my experiments, for your honest appraisals, humour and directness which has helped to shape Love Pure Cakes to what we bake today. This newsletter is being published four weeks after opening and what a month it’s been!

We started trade with Loopy Lorna’s thanks to a shared vision and conversation with the proprietor, Gaynor Salisbury which led to a successful press launch on the 14th of February. This brought about lots of media coverage from the Evening News, Scotland on Sunday and i-on with the Scotsman and Edinburgh Spotlight soon to be on your screen and broad sheet. As it turns out, Gaynor and I have a shared history… more to follow in future editions. One thing I will say is that Gaynor has created a culture which is true to her values and personality. Each and every member of her team exude the same exuberance and joy in slicing and serving cakes as I do! It’s been a joy to work with the LL Team – and thanks to Libby (mistress bakeress) for her patience in my ongoing experimentation of cake presentation where I test the bounds of possible.

Given that I’ve returned to the seat of the industry that I love best (being known for ‘feed me happy’) and having left it for some 12 years, my mission was to get close and personal with the peeps that matter. I set about working on a social media campaign to speak to the informed purchaser and eater. In my journey, I met Lea Harris aka Bakers Bunny who has been an amazing advocate of LPC’s wares, and where-with-all’s. A special thanks to Lea, whom I have loved meeting and chatting with endlessly about cake without coronary.

Lea opened the social door to Earthy in Causewayside where you can find LPC cakes and more! Earthy is, as it’s name connotes, a new reality of epicurean experience. Again and as it turns out, one of the partners, Dirk and I have a shared history.. with our old hats on. Dirk was part of the team that created the brand for Bistro Florentin way back in nineteen canteen. Many things have changed since then, but one thing that has not is that we continue to beat the path of the continuance of bringing good and goodness to what we do in the food we present. I am so happy to meet him once again on this bright new path.

Lorna will be appearing on Fred Macaulay’s Radio Scotland Foodie Tuesday show on 15.03.11 at 11.20 – tune in for more chatology on cake and creation

There has been a range of interesting asks since launching;
HT asked for a birthday cake for her cat
CF asked for a no carb cake
SK asked for a birthday cake for her daughter with un pasteurised milk, butter and cream
AM asked for not only dairy free but also something that didn’t feel like, taste like of look like dairy….. we’re collaborating on this for invention, culinary and aesthetic sake

LPC are developing a range of on-the-shelf packaged cakes for Molly’s in Ocean Terminal. A beautiful meeting with Lorraine sealed the must-have Breakfast Cake and Skinny Carrot one too for parent and child alike. We’re looking forward to working with Molly’s aka Lorraine in the next few weeks.

The prize for the best selling cake is awarded to Mme Polenta and Seaweed! The Hippy Chick came a close second though and third was the Raspberry and White Chocolate cake. I’m taking votes for the most popular cake for April, the person that guesses correctly (and drawn from an e-hat) will receive the cake as a gift of recognition of either insight or darn good chance.

Seaweed is a source of powerful ingredients, it is truly a miracle plant – super food. Rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin and it’s ingestion on our planet to having a positive influence on our developing brain development.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the very special people who have helped to get me and LPC to launch. My first and foremost thanks goes to Mum and my boys, Romain & Ayrton. Mum has been at the end of practically every stir of the wooden spoon with unfaltering enthusiasm and encouragement. To Romain & Ayrton for their constant belief in the business, thank you for all your words of support, love and ideas and for embracing the shift in the kitchen to an industry of culinary experiments. To Jane Hunter, for bringing the word and concept of ‘Love’ into the brand, for being there with camera in hand or a note book to keep me on track. To Fiona Orr, chief taster of the good and the bad experiments made and for her scissor-hand skills in preparing point of sale. To Catherine Di Placido for her enthusiasm and egalitarian way of working at Queen Street and for our juicy chats about tins, temperature and tarts Jim and Carole from Abbey Print who have worked tirelessly to my yesterday deadlines and superb quality of work with artistic flair. Niccola Bertolloti, thank you for being you and connecting great people together. My new spark friend Lorraine Weselby for being an advocate and introducer of LPC to a whole host of people. Sally for your deep love and support. Kevin Wickstead IT, with a click of a button you make things happen. Kevin Dorrian, thank you for steering me into the hands of some of the greats in the media world. Magnus Moodie, for being the arch cynic, insisting that he is only trying to draw out my arguments more coherently. Fin Wycherley for telling me to delete some of my twitter posts and guiding me through the social media maze within which I am still a bit lost! To Hely for working on my preparedness in life. I am blessed with knowing you all - thank you, in deep gratitude x

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