May Day - 2 - June

Phew, what a first quarter of trading it's been! Inventing and re-inventing as the season warms up the fruits for the cakes. The bitter-sweetness of the Rhubarb cake has been devoured by many, what a healthy indulgence to experience! This fair root is being grown in my garden and is known for its cathartic effect and to lower the blood sugar level.

What with the hub bub of politiking last month. I'm pleased to say that I was asked to make a cake for Mr Salmond, Chieftain of the Scottish Parliament for Attacat's re-launch - the skinny carrot cake was requested and then ... he won a land slide election.
Before Skinny Carrot Cake

After Skinny Carrot Cake

Love Pure Cakes celebrated National Coeliac Week by offering all friends of Love Pure Cakes facebook a free cake - it was somewhat of a busy week and a half.

Pandora's box is firmly wedged open with interest from America, Aberdeen and Annan for some Gluten Free Goodies. We've developing our packaging for mail order and await the responses to find out how the cakes survive their journey.

Cakes in the Community:
The cakes have travelled their pilgrimage during Easter by being part of several fund raising events:
St Columba's Hospice via Twestival, Cake sale for the Moon Walk and....
Aligning our brand with health, we sponsored the Edinburgh Road Club, ERC, Spring Road Classic, refuelling the hypoglycaemic cyclists with cake.
Aligning our brand with health, we sponsored Edinburgh Road Club, ERC, Spring Road Classic.

Media Highlights:
We are proud to announce that calculating the circulation figures from all the articles and posts that we've been written about, we have surpassed the 1,000,000 coverage mark. Our aim is to raise this to 5 million by the end of the second quarter.

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BBC Fred Mac
Being on air with Fred Macaulay was fun with my testaments being backed up by the local nutritionist saying "right now, you can not get this quality of cake in supermarkets" - watch this space...

Ok, I'm heading off to give a talk at Future Entrepreneurs Network this evening. Catch up soon.

Lorna & the team of Cake Enthusiasts


  1. Gosh, with all that baking, tasting, sampling, distributing, marketing, schmoozing and radio performances do you have to schedule in sleep?

  2. Everything just fits into place somehow.
    I wake up, go to the kitchen and have a morning cake, samples happen throughout the day.. then I have a bed time cake with my cocoa in the evening so I guess there's a schedule but it's based around cake consumption!