Dyslexia or Amnesia Cake?

Raspberry and Passion Fruit Cake in the making
The sleepy season has had an effect on me with my latest birthday cake creation.

My friend Thomas reached 40 and in true Scottish fashion hosted a hooley (big party) to mark the occasion, replete with a raspberry and passion fruit cake.

I've known our Thomas for some months and was delighted to be part of his celebrations.

However, suffice to say that it was either my latent dyslexia or autumnal amnesia that led me to inscribing the cake with a completely random name!

All was sorted before the photographs were taken. Just in time before mere morsels of crumbs were left within minutes.

So if you see me with names written all over my hands then please excuse the note to self!  I will never, ever inscribe the wrong name again. I promise. Money-back guarantee!

Looking at the note on my hand, it's time for a slice of the action and a coffee.

Have an awesome Autumn

Lorna x

PS. Watch out for the new Cinnamon infused Pumpkin Cake topped with Goji Berries, num num.  It has been inspired by the beauty of the autumnal season and is about to hit the shelves and your palette very soon.


  1. I quite like the look of the raspberry and passion cake L, but the Cinnamon Pumpkin boy sounds fab!

    Can I order one pleese...

  2. Hello Charles,

    I'd be delighted to make you this seasonal cake. DM me and we can arrange time and delivery.

    Thank you !!


  3. mmm all this talk about cakes is getting my mouth watering again - even after demolishing my tasty amnesia cake... oh I forgot how many raspberries did it have on it?

  4. Cinnamon and pumpkin cake sounds fab - I did a pumpkin ice cream last Hallowe'en and it was very yummy!

  5. Sounds delicious! I think I'm right in remembering that you offered to sample one of the new cakes being developed... look out for the postman x