Healthy Cakes Going Green

The really cool thing about being the UK's first 'free-from' cake company that incorporates super foods is that we bake with flowers, fruit, nuts, berries, polenta. 

Add to that some potent, natural enzymes and proteins, et voila! Delicious healthy cakes!

Love Pure Cakes' Chocolate and Algae Cake is one of our funkiest cakes out there! 

The combination of 70% chocolate (gives you a high) plus the algae (gives you a detox) and a mega dose of minerals, makes this cake the new healthy cake drug!

Algae, aka Spirulina, is one of the most versatile super foods  and is also being used to stave off malnutrition in some parts of the world.

Why is Spirulina, the powerhouse of nutrition so good for you?
  • Spirulina contains 64 vitamins and minerals
  • Spirulina is a rich source of protein 
  • Spirulina offers the most complete range of amino acids
  • 97% of it can be absorbed by humans
  • it is a rich source of B Vitamins
Given that the source of green algae from the Vindya basin had been dated back to 1.6 billion years ago, it begs the questions: 
  1. Do you know the source of your foods?
  2. Can you really identify where the source of your food is being cultivated, grown, processed.....?
Have a look at some of the work done to combat malnutrition in India:

Happy Green Gateaux Gorging for Autumn 

Lorna Pellet
Cake Enthusiast!

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