Healthy Cakes: The New Cakeonomy!

Indulgent yet Healthy Chocolate & Algae Cake
Throughout the history of cake, this exquisite and highly desired product has always had it's presence in charitable fund raising events.

From coffee mornings and school fares to corporate raffles and sporting events. It is the one product that many will roll up their sleeves to actively take part in raising money.

Wouldn't it be interesting to commission fresh research into how much money has been raised by cake? Either globally or nationally?

We could call it the new Cakeonomy! (Or should it be cake-onomy?)

You can imagine the headlines:

  • Cakeopoly besieging school fares
  • Cakeology department set up in xyz university, funded by Cakeopolis
  • Q3 forecast for the micro-cakeologists up (the cup-cake sector) 
  • Federation of Cakeologists strike in solidarity against third sector cuts
Love Pure Cakes Helps Raise Money for Charity

It's no surprise that here at Love Pure Cakes, we have supported a host of charitable events.

To date, our cakes have been part of raising a total of raising an astonishing £25,000 in the seven months of trading.

Recently, we supported Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning via the lovely Maureen from the National Library of Scotland.  Thanks to their team effort, they raised over £800 for the morning.

We supported Standard Life with their fund raising for Macmillan, providing several sumptuous and healthy Carrot & Wheat Grass Cakes for their event.

Over To You
  • What's the most expensive cake you've ever seen raffled at a charity do?
  • Which cake did you most covet at a charity auction?
  • How does your company use cake to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility?
This history of giving has never been so healthy!

Healthy cake love x


  1. The lovely Maureen has peeked at a Euromonitor report which shows that UK sales of industrial cakes stand at £1,833.4m and are forecast to fall but artisanal cakes are expected to buck the trend and show a constant annual rise of 2%. This is echoed by Mintel which state that more consumers are moving away from wrapped cakes to premium and indulgent lines.

  2. Thank goodness! See my blog about The Bakewell where there's been too little goodness being put into cakes when they are mass produced.
    Thanks for the stats, very encouraging.