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Day 5 of my Healthy Eating week with Love Pure Cakes and Lorna, what an amazing week it has been. Basically I have had a beautiful woman appear every day and bring me incredibly delicious tasty healthy food to improve my health and well being. Now if only I could find one’s who father owns a brewery, that makes organic beer then I will be sorted!

It has come to the end of the process and a new healthy regime has been given a good kick start. Final measurements and analysis have been taken and I will reveal all at the end of this little blog.

I have had the honour of experiencing some amazing caked based themed healthy food; my body has reacted positively with enthusiasm to it all. Losing weight, improving skin tone and increasing my energy, along with encouraging me to eat properly, take time to enjoy what I am tasting and putting into my mouth and generally being more self aware of what a good healthy lifestyle means and how it effects our bodies.

It is amazing when your inner organ of your body start to function as they ought to and yesterday I eluded to the detoxing effect and what had come out (and that’s enough of that subject I hear you cry). But there was a second thing, for the second half of the week I have been noticing my pee (look I’m sorry, but I have to tell you these things) was dark brown. All is well though, again a major thing is the effect this diet and drinking a litre and a half of water a day has on you is the internal cleansing or detoxing as I eluded too. The dark pee is a sign that the kidneys are functioning well and cleaning out my system and adding to me well being. The colour will normalise in a couple of days as the body gets rid of most of the toxins from years of bad eating habits.

Most people who embark on a healthy lifestyle change with the intention of losing weight often perceive that they will have to restrict things out from their diets to achieve what they want. Lorna has done has designed a diet which is completely the opposite of this idea and has enhanced and added to the healthy lifestyle change with well thought out recipes that ensure all the essential vitamins, mineral and calories are there along with retaining quality and taste. The benefits of her diet for improved health are obvious, what is not so obvious is sheer enjoyment you have choosing this lifestyle. Imagine going abroad on an exotic foreign holiday and experiencing new things to eat; flavours bursting on your tongue, aromas dancing in your nose; all new, all exciting and all good for you. That’s what Lorna has created here.

I have been on Lorna’s diet for 5 days now and it was easy to do, partly because of the support of Lorna, the diet itself and the opportunity to open myself up and share what was happening to me. It is however often said that it take 30 days to create habit. So my journey is far from over, and I am continuing it to because I am enjoying feeling this good in years. I am full up with what Lorna has given me to try and eat, and this is because the body stopped craving sugar and carbohydrate and would tell you when its full and had enough.

I hope what I have written has helped anyone else who is serious about creating good eating habits and to get in contact with Lorna to see how she can help. I have taken copies of the recipes to do myself, and will be doing all though I suspect it will be missing the secret ingredient only Lorna has…and that is her magic!! But we will try, I promise

So in the final analysis this is what was achieved, by me using Lorna’s and Love Pure Cakes themed food. I have lost 5lbs in weight. My appetite has been suppressed. I now control my hunger, not my hunger controlling me. I found that when eating properly and managing proper portion sizes you can achieve all that you want. My body is feeling the best it has in years, both inside and out. My skin is looking great, my eyes are looking clearer and best of all my energy levels and drive are through the roof.

Thank you all for reading, please call Lorna soon to find out more and thank you Lorna for thinking of me in assisting you this week, it has been pleasure and of course a truly real benefit to me and my health.


Thank you Gordon.  The Proof of the Pudding is clearly in the eating...
Lorna x

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