Why Did I Open My Big Mouth?!

Last year I was asked by Gordon, aka The Power Lunch Club, to give a talk on me, my business & I ... amidst my verve on healthy cakes, I claimed that I was going to go on a diet of cake in January. Basically to prove the point that cake can e nutritious and so super good for you in so many ways.
A few of the cakes consumed
January was spent researching, devising, exploring recipes that would push the boundaries of having cake as a staple diet actor in the regime.  I sought fantastic counsel and insight from fabulous local nutritionists and health gurus to ensure the nutritional value and balance was achieved.

Being true to form and joining in the January intentions, starting the cake only diet this week with Gordon. The purpose of the diet is to dispel the many myths that exist around cake and at the very least there are cakes that ain't fattening and can be a fundamental part of life and our experiences of communing.

After borrowing a set of weighing scales from Mum, I weighed myself for the first time in ten years.  I thought I was 8 1/2 stone, turns out I was 9, 10.5.  Four days into the diet and I've lost 5lbs!  Gordon has lost the same.  It wasn't my intention to loose weight, I simply thought I wouldn't put on any.

The diet has been amazing. And not the challenge that I thought.  I thought that diets were about denial of goodies and feeling hungry etc.  Even serving up roast chicken and all the trimmings last night, I was very happy with my carrot and macadamia nut roast.  Suffice to say that quite a few peeps have been trying out the recipes posted here and on facebook and to their amazement, they're thoroughly loving them.  

The diet is based on using gluten free, wheat free, organic, free range, super-foods and a combination of ingredients to whet the appetite and feast for the eyes and gut.

Tomorrow is the last day of the diet, I'll gather and publish the full details, weights and measurements soon.

Before I sign out, I'd like to give special thanks to Colin Wycherley, http://onespa.com/personal-training-one-spa, who gave his experience as a personal trainer and understanding of diet to me.
To Tara Inchbald-Holt, http://purenutrition.org.uk/, for her wealth of knowledge and practical approach to incorporating optimum nutrition into our daily lives and giving me super hints and tips on hidden gems to include.
To Jane Jamieson, http://www.enabling-health.com/contact.html, who carried out my mineral testing pre diet and for her views, opinions and contributions to the diet.  And for being the first person that I've ever seen down a glass of Spirulina without a blink of an eye.
To Fiona Savage, http://fionasavage.co.uk/weightloss/sports-mind-and-body/, for her steer and confirmations. And for the ongoing chats on free-from baking.
To Nagina Shah, http://www.lifesuccessunltd.com/#go_page_0, for her inspirational and sound chat on holistic living.
A big thanks to Fin Wycherley,http://www.supersizeblogging.com/, for her peerless knowledge, guidance and navigation round all things viral.  For keeping me on track with Google+ hangouts etc etc.

Will sign out now as I have a cake to eat.

Cake loveliness to you.

Lorna x

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